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AC Duct Cleaning


Your AC ducts are integral to the proper functioning of your air conditioner – they carry the cool air to all the different areas of your home. This is why the duct cleaning, repair and renovation services that Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric offer are a necessity to keeping your home cool.

Duct Cleaning
Dirty ducts are one possible source for low air quality in your home, and yet this can easily be prevented by hiring a skilled AC technician to clean your ducts on a regular basis. As dust and dirt build up in your ducts, these particles can be transported into your home and the air you breathe when your AC is on. More harmful particles such as mold should be cleaned thoroughly by a qualified technician to ensure that there is no mold in the less visible or accessible areas of your duct work. Also, through regular professional duct cleaning you can actually improve the efficiency of your AC – saving the environment as well as your pocket!

Duct Repair and Renovation
Damaged or old duct systems can negatively affect your air quality as well as your energy consumption and AC efficiency. Ducts with leaks or damaged parts could present some health risks like toxic or contaminated air from other areas of your building seeping into the air you breathe. Also, damaged and leaky ducts can waste up to a third of the cool air generated by the AC – this means that your AC will not be working as efficiently as it should and will have to work harder than usual to cool your home to the desired temperature. This could result in your AC breaking down – a costly and unnecessary affair. Our highly qualified and expertly trained AC technicians will conduct a system analysis by using a fan system to pressurize and depressurize your duct network. From this we will be able to ascertain how air-tight your system is, identify any leaks that will need to be repaired and sealed, and detect any other possible areas that will need to be repaired. We will create a detailed diagram of problematic areas and provide an affordable estimate of any repair costs.

At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric we offer quality duct cleaning, repair and renovation services by trained and fully licensed technicians to ensure that you and your family stay happy, healthy and cool during the hot summer months. Give us a call to find out how we can help you with any AC and duct issues.